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When an elder is unable to care for their needs mentally or physically, a conservatorship may be established. With a conservatorship, a judge appoints a guardian to manage the financial affairs or the daily life of the elder. When you choose to speak with an attorney at Rosā Law Offices, PC, we can determine if you can receive this representation without formal judicial involvement. If a formal conservatorship is needed, we will help you every step of the way.

Conservator of the Estate

A conservator is appointed if an elder is no longer able to make sound financial decisions. This includes the inability to resist fraud or undue influence. This conservator is given responsibilities including paying bills, making investments, collecting income, and protecting the elder's assets. If your loved one is unable to manage financial matters, it is possible to protect them with a conservatorship.

Conservator of the Person

A conservator of the person helps an adult who cannot care for their personal needs, such as food, clothing, or shelter. This provides your loved one with help through their daily life. Through a conservatorship, the elder is protected from abuse because the court supervises the conservator. Protect your loved one with a conservatorship by calling Rosā Law Offices, PC today.

Types of Probate Conservatorships

The most common type of conservatorship is the probate conservatorship. These are based on the laws in the California probate code. There are two main types of probate conservatorships: general and limited conservatorships. The attorney at Rosā Law Offices, PC are ready to answer any questions you may have on conservatorships and their effect on you and your loved ones. Give us a call today.

General Conservatorship

General conservatorship is best for those who are no longer able to care for themselves or their finances. While this is commonly the elderly, younger adults who have been seriously impaired may qualify for a conservatorship. Contact Rosā Law Offices, PC to better understand which option is better for you and your loved one.

Limited Conservatorship

If your loved one has developmental disabilities and cannot fully self-care or financial tasks, a limited conservatorship may be right for you. This allows the elder to retain the rights they are able to still exercise while being cared for in ways they cannot accomplish alone. Contact us today to see how your loved one can benefit from a limited conservatorship.

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